Over the past few decades, there has been a noticeable shift in the attitudes towards many social groups. People have become less tolerant and barely bear something that is against their religious and political beliefs and thoughts. Tolerance is a moral virtue that is now more often co-founded with prejudice.

Prejudice and tolerance are theoretically different subjects. Tolerance is difficult to define, but it is a moral obligation. It is highly essential to have mutual respect and consideration between people in society. Intolerant attitude leads to the conflicts that ruin the peace of society. So, to make this world a peaceful place, it is crucial to be tolerant of others.

What makes people intolerant?

Tolerance is a moral duty and can only be viewed as a positive virtue when it is placed within the moral domain that relates to respect, justice, and fairness.  Everyone should respect the views and beliefs of others. If you do not agree on something; it does not mean that you should start a conflict. Everyone has his own thoughts and views. Accept the fact that when you respect the freedom of other people, they will also respect your freedom (no matter it is a freedom of speech, freedom of action or freedom of religion).

One thing that is necessary to clear here is that there are some issues on which tolerance is not acceptable. For example, child sexual abuse is not acceptable at all. It is highly essential to stress on peace and tolerance, to make society better. When people accept other’s opinions and beliefs, then peace will prevail in society.

Conditions/events that contribute to intolerance:

Why are people less tolerant these days? Why is peace not prevailing in the world? These are the two critical questions that arise in mind whenever a sad incident happens. There is not a single factor that is making people less tolerant of others. When a person is stressed in his personal life due to home or work-related issues, then it may cause anger in him. He may have conflicts in rage and end up fighting.

Migration results in a mixing of cultures. When people from different religions, countries, and cultures live in one place, there are high chances of arising conflicts.  Minorities feel threatened. You may have heard and read about the discrimination against minorities in many countries.  

Jealousy regarding the social status of others is another condition that contributes to intolerance. If a person uploads the pictures of his luxurious life on Social Media, many people may not like it because they don’t have such a great life like you.

Political instability and economic decline also cause intolerance. When people do not have anything to earn a living, it makes them frustrated and angry.

How to become more tolerant?

Peace and tolerance go hand in hand. You want peace to prevail in the society then you must be tolerant of others. If you argued with someone, it does not mean you have any right to take revenge. Ignore the mistakes of others thinking that to err is human. You could have been in the same position. No one has rights to disrespect other religions and cultures.

If you do not agree with their rituals and traditions etc. then do not speak ill about it. You can’t force someone in religious matters. Give freedom of religion to others just like you want for yourself. Be nice to everyone and smile while passing by each other. Having a different opinion should not cause conflicts. Listen to others and learn to overcome your anger.

Why Have People Become Less Tolerant These Days?