We have multipurpose kitchen knives, frozen food cutting knives, vegetable cutting and boning knives for you. Then there is peeling, slicing, carving knives for the individuals. In the same, Damascus Knives comes in an enormous and gigantic range of variety. Let us have a look at the range of kitchen knives variety and for what purpose they are exclusively used:

Multi Purpose Kitchen Knives

  • Chefs Knife: Under this category, we have chefs knife which is extremely and intensely a versatile cooking knife. It is used for cutting up and filleting meat and even for preparing it. You can avail it for filleting and preparing fish as well. It has slim blades so that you can perform an intricate kind of tasks. All pull and push cuts are easily made by this knife type. In this category of “Chefs Knife”, we have Gyuto which is the versatile blade type of it. This blade is utilized for cutting, slicing meats and fish.
  • Santoku Knife: Under this same category of multipurpose knives, we have an all-round knife for preparing and cutting meat, fish and too vegetables. The word Santoku means the three virtues. This knife has a wider and somewhat rounded shape. It performs the job of cutting, slicing fishes, meats. This is a popular knife and it is sometimes called with the name of “Bunka” Bocho.

Knives for Frozen food cutting jobs

  • Reito knife: This is the knife which is designed to cut all kinds of frozen food items. This knife name comes from the Japanese language. This is one of the common frozen food knives which carries a sturdy blade along with a coarse and saw-toothed kind of edge.

Knives made for Vegetable cutting jobs

  • Usuba Knife: This knife comprises a thin and a straight blade so that you can carry out a clean cutting job on the chopping board. If you want to make paper-thin slices, then this knife is just perfect. It encompasses a wide blade so that your finger knuckles can remain protected. All professional chefs who work in Eastern Japan, they heavily use this knife.
  • Kamagata Usuba Knife: This knife is another version of Usuba knife. It has a round back and a thin straight blade. The professional chefs who are working in Kansai, Japan, they excessively use such a knife.
  • Nakiri Knife: This kind of knife style has an extremely thin straight blade. Before the popularity of Santoku start to grow, this Nakiri knife was used and availed as a common kitchen knife.
  • Unagi-Saki Knife: This is a knife which is utilized for cutting eel. There are generally and mainly available in three to four different styles and shapes.

Knife for performing Boning jobs

  • Boning knife: This is the typical type and version of a western boning knife. It contains a sharp point as well as a narrow blade. This knife is used for the job related to food preparation or if you want to remove the bones of poultry and meat or fish.
  • Sabaki Knife: You can call it with the name of Honesuki as well. This knife consists of a suitable design and it is for de-boning process or for cutting a chicken. Even more, for filleting a fish, this same knife is used.
  • Garasuki Knife: This is a thicker and a longer knife as compared to Honesuki. It is for butchering poultry that this knife is primarily utilized.

Knives designed for Peeling jobs

  • Petty utility knife: This is an all-purpose knife for the jobs of peeling and cutting fruits. This is extremely compact and offers good handling while doing precise works.
  • Paring peeling knife: This is small in size and compact looking knife. It is for peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables that this useful knife is availed.

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A Range of kitchen knives variety for different cutting jobs