The Really Right Stuff TFC-14 Series 1 Carbon Fiber Tripod does not have bells and whistles, but it simply is probably my new preferred travel tripod.

I’ll cut to the chase: In my search for the fine journey tripod I suppose I’ve observed a brand new favourite. It’s a simple design and doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of its competition, but that simplicity is itself a virtue, and it’s performed with actual interest to element.

It’s the Really Right Stuff TFC-14 Series 1 carbon fiber tripod. It’s the lightest and maximum compact tripod that Really Right Stuff produces.

It’s additionally stands proud for its simplicity. It doesn’t fold lower back on itself like many inside the present day era of tour tripods. It doesn’t even have a bubble level. And it doesn’t have have a center column and detachable leg that transforms right into a monopod.

Where’s the Center Column?

In reality, it doesn’t have a center column in any respect. And that is one of the maximum vital matters I like approximately this tripod. Let me provide an explanation for.

In practice, I hardly ever use the center columns anyway due to the fact extending the middle column inevitably introduces flex. So for optimum power and stillness, I normally preserve the center column diminished.

Some travel tripods include center column that you can switch out for a shorter model. But what the TFC-14 demonstrates is that by way of disposing of the middle column completely you may virtually get a much more compact fold. Even with out fancy mechanisms permitting the legs to fold returned on themselves, this tripod folds into a completely tight and slim package deal.

At a collapsed period of just over 17 inches, it’s contact longer than some others. Best Travel Tripod The head adds to that as it’s now not folded below the legs. But the narrowness is a specific form of area saving that compensates for that more duration. Ultimately, it takes up less space in my keep on bag.

The drawback, of route, is that without the center column you don’t get the same shooting peak. But I discover that the peak of this one is masses for what I use it for. If I’m the usage of a tripod, it’s possibly due to low light or taking pictures timelapse. In the ones instances, I’m probable the usage of a far flung shutter or an intervalometer, and I truely don’t should be constantly searching through the viewfinder–and probable don’t want to be which will keep the digital camera as nevertheless as feasible. So an awful lot of the time I truely don’t need a taller tripod that reaches my normal status peak. And if conditions in which I do want that–generally with an extended telephoto lens–I’m probably the use of a much heavier-duty tripod anyway.


The legs expand in four sections. They’re locked with twist locks. The locks are rubberized and grippy–easy to apply inspite of cold or moist palms or while carrying gloves.

Some of these journey tripods have very spindly backside sections that flex quite loads. The bottom sections in this one are a chunk thicker and nonetheless pretty rigid, so it’s pretty realistic to apply the legs fully extended.

At the pinnacle is a three-step ratcheted joint. The locking mechanism is spring-loaded, that’s a layout I prefer as it significantly reduces the hazard of the lock no longer being fully in and everything fall apart whilst you placed the weight of the digital camera on it.

Because there’s no middle column, this tripod doesn’t stand as tall as some of its competitors. It tops out at approximately 48 inches. Some shooters will prefer a taller tripod.

On the turn aspect, the design additionally way that it can shoot unusually low. By splaying the legs to their widest placing, you could get it down to a minimum peak of simply 2.Eight inches (upload the pinnacle’s height to that in exercise). If you’re taking pictures macros of wildflowers, for example, that can be very useful.

Hands-on with the Really Right Stuff TFC-14 Series 1 Carbon Fiber Tripod