Intuit is trying to make the payment method more secure in QuickBooks. For every new QuickBooks desktop payment user, the new authentication system will have its own user credentials to be practiced in QuickBooks to preparing payments. Users without an Intuit ID  may create one & demand a payment administrator to pay the payment. And when you dial, then you will know about the advantages of authentication system, and any upgrade to the account info will by default update across all Intuit products which anyone sees with the Intuit ID.

How to verify email?

When Intuit QuickBooks will not find the registered user-ID with the payment service account, then stay with the support executives. They will provide you all the essential information to verify email. They will let you know you need to verify your email ID which you have registered with Intuit QuickBooks.

How to confirm the email?

To make sure that you have an email ID, then Intuit will send you a one-time PIN, which will need to verify the email ID. You will also get a One-time PIN on the quickbooks support phone number which you have registered for the payment account. After entering your PIN correctly, you will notice:

the email has verified! OK let’s match the email to the payment account.

Manage the account

Once you successfully log in, then you can easily maintain & edit most of the info for the intuit account on the basis of the role & permit. Not exclusively this, but you also have the ability to maintain most of the Intuit outcomes by choosing the icon in the top right-hand corner of the QuickBooks.

How to secure Intuit account?

If you are worried about the security of your Intuit account, then you need to select the strong password. Also, you should not share your ID and password with others.

How to change the Intuit account information and payment info?

It totally depends upon the Intuit services and product which you do use, you need to upgrade the account info like address in more than one place. For upgrading account info for QB product & services:

  • Click on the official site of QB.
  • Then you need to enter the user ID & password, then choose log-in.
  • After that, in the “account info” box, choose edit to change the company address, and company e-mail, or phone. (You will not have the permission to change the company name, first of the last name online).
  • Then in the log-in to box, click on edit for changing the e-mail address which is associated with your log-in credentials, user ID or password, and security question.
  • When you have multiple debit or credit card on file, then you are allowed to update the payment info.

What do you need to do to recover the forgotten user ID and password?


If you have forgotten the user ID and password:

  • Click on the Intuit official site.
  • Click on forgot the password or forgot the user ID.
  • Also, you need to perform the steps to recover the password and user ID.
  • Try to log in again.

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If you are looking to get more information about creating & manage the payment user ID, then this post will offer you each answer to your query. With this, you will know about some more factors which are needed while creating & manage the payment user ID.

How to generate & manage the Payment user ID